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Anonymous asked: Hi there. Must say fabulous photos. Makes me jealous. Arriving into Istanbul for a cruise. Is it easy to meetup and buy some oil or edibles. Is it easy to take on board? All the best,

Hello. I am currently out of town, but will be back in Istanbul on Tuesday. It is nearly impossible for a foreigner to shop for cannabis and/or its derivatives since it is illegal and our government has been fighting it hard over the past 10 years. Once purchased, it would be very easy to take on board, for sure.

Anonymous asked: From where I can get marihuana in istanbul

You can’t bro, it’s illegal :))

Big Bud Harvest

How big is your hashball? ;-)

Dank & Various Extracts

Dank & Various Extracts

Anonymous asked: Ayeee whats good? Crazy picture dude! Ima be going to istanbul in 6 days and I was I wondering if uncan hook me up? Peace have a good one


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Hashish Heaven has officially turned 1 year old today with an outstanding number of 3.360 fans!

Thank you all for your support and contributions to my Tumblr. Keep in mind that when/if you visit Istanbul, I’ll be here to help y’all out, you grateful cannabists ;-)

Dank Joint

Dank Joint