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Anonymous asked: From where I can get marihuana in istanbul

You can’t bro, it’s illegal :))

Big Bud Harvest

How big is your hashball? ;-)

Dank & Various Extracts

Dank & Various Extracts

Anonymous asked: Ayeee whats good? Crazy picture dude! Ima be going to istanbul in 6 days and I was I wondering if uncan hook me up? Peace have a good one


Dank NugsĀ 

Hashish Heaven is 1 Year Old!

Hashish Heaven has officially turned 1 year old today with an outstanding number of 3.360 fans!

Thank you all for your support and contributions to my Tumblr. Keep in mind that when/if you visit Istanbul, I’ll be here to help y’all out, you grateful cannabists ;-)

Dank Joint

Dank Joint

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